Amusement parks for the whole family

Amusement parks for the whole family

Amusement parks for the whole family.


Amusement parks for the whole family
Traveling with the whole family means finding something for everyone, no matter the age. No matter the destination, it should always include some fun. Here are some of the worlds most visited theme parks in the world. Universal’s island of adventures, is located in Orlando, Florida. The park is broken up into theme style islands, like harry potter, skull island, superheroes and many more. This park was awarded trip advisor’s, best amusement park in the world, in 2018 and with 8.3 million people visiting each year, it’s sure to be the place full of excitement. Another popular amusement park would be Walt Disney World, located in Orlando, Florida. The world of new and old family classics offers four different theme parks and two water parks. Disney also has resorts across the world. This place has a little bit of magic for everyone!


Amusement parks for the familyAnother major amusement park is Six Flags, they offer 17 locations scattered around the world, with over 800 rides, including the worlds tallest and fastest looping roller coaster in the world, they have the fun and thrills for every family member. One more amusement park to visit is Canada’s Wonderland, located in Canada, Ontario. They have the tallest and fasted roller coaster in the country, it reaches a point of 306 feet, with an 80-degree point and reaches speeds of 148 kilometers an hour. The park is known for its thrill-seeking rides for every age and you can also visit its Splash world water park. These are just some of the worlds most popular amusements parks and almost every country has a place to have fun and make some unforgettable memories, that will last a lifetime. Travel the world and have fun with the whole family.



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